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» [SnK ♘ R-18] もしこの壁の中にあなたがいないのだとしたら [RiRen]


Title: What if you weren’t within these walls
Pairing: Levi x Eren 
Author: 108656 // Translation: nurui
Notes: requested by anon~heichou has a nightmare; angst, fluff, and smut!
tw: a lil bit of blood, but if you’re in the snk fandom you’re probably used to that, right? ha…ha…*sobs*


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» [Beru] Suck on this! (nothing will come out though) - Doujinshi



Title: Suck on this! (nothing will come out though)

Circle: べる (beru)

Rating: R18

Language: English

Scanlation: spluuuuurt

Summary: Kaworu fools around with Shinji’s nipples. Fluffy and consensual.

Warnings: Nipple play, masturbation, embarrassing nerdy dirty talk


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