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I'm anime & manga lover <3 and I like cos/crossplay *--* I love Vocaloid In fact I love Piko & Gumi but also like Gakupo and Len.......I like K-Pop, J-Pop/Rock and Visual My favorite japanese band is "The Gazette" Also I like bands An Cafe, One Ok Rock, Versailles and many others. instead my favorite Korean band is "F.T. Island" *o* Also like SS501 (I love Kim Hyung Jun Oppa ❤ ) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the things that I share. (ノ ° Д°)ノ*
I Love BL&GL Forever
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Toshishita kareshi no renai kanri kuse
年下彼氏の恋愛管理癖 | Younger Boyfriend Love Management Habit
ILLUSTRATOR: Sakurabi Hashigo 桜日梯子

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